I was never Sailor Pluto fan but after watching first stage of Sera Myu my opinion about her totally changed. She’s so awesome there ! Pluto from anime can’t be compared with her.

but that’s probably because I didn’t really watch R as a kid. I mostly had the movies to go on for her personality, and to me she seemed really witty and sarcastic and I thought that was funny when compared to her mother, especially because she had fluffy pink hair.

 I’m totally excited and all, I just can’t wait for it but at the same time I’m a bit afraid. I’m afraid that people will start loving it more than the first anime. I would really like it to be awesome and totally bad-ass but I’m sure that it will be totally different (and probably better) from the first 90’s anime and I just don’t want people to forget the first anime which we love so much.

 I’m so excited for it, the anticipation is killing me. And I LOVE that it is going to follow more closely to the manga.
I love how soft and luscious Usagi’s hair is in the manga. Serena’s hair in the anime always looked so stiff and solid rather than actual strands of hair. She’s much more beautiful in the manga.
I just found out that I get super turned on by the idea of Ami in the Starlights uniform.
Miyuu Sawai is flawless. I just love her so much! She’s so amazing!